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eSight has announced that its newest vision enhancement technology, eSight 4, is now available in the UK through VisionAid Technologies, expanding its goal of providing sight to people with visual impairment worldwide.

According to the European Blind Union, there’s an estimated 30 million blind or partially sighted people in Europe. In the UK alone, there are almost 2 million people living with sight loss, NHS statistics show.

Obtaining its CE Mark in August, eSight 4 meets the EU’s standards for health, safety and environmental protections.

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eSight 4 works by combining a best-match camera and lens technology with advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms to maximise the quality of information sent to the brain, which, in turn, augments sight.

According to the company, a typical eSight user has visual acuity from 6/18 to 6/240, some as high as 6/400, caused by more than 20 different eye conditions including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and Stargardt’s disease. Wearing eSight, many achieve 6/6 visual acuity, making eSight 4 a good assistive technology option for eye care professionals to provide to their low vision patients.

Wireless and hands-free, with vision controls built into the headset, eSight 4 allows users to remain active, while enjoying the benefits of eSight.

eSight 4 image

Gregory Ogorek, eSight’s Chief Operating Officer and President, International, commented: “Since the launch of eSight 4 in North America, response from vision care specialists, distributors of assistive technology and the low vision community has exceeded our expectations.

“We’ve heard from people in Europe who can’t wait to get their hands on the device. Our expansion into Europe is the first step in reaching a larger audience, so we can change lives for even more people around the world.”

New features include a halo band to improve comfort with an easy-to-swap battery in the back that evenly distributes the weight around the head for all-day use and eSight’s patented bioptic tilt, which allows users to see what’s in front of them and what’s around them with their natural peripheral vision.

Additionally, the new device is cloud-based, so wearers are provided with easy and instant access to the latest features and can invite loved ones to see what they are seeing and help manage their eSight experience.

Mobile apps for Android and Apple smartphones provide advanced features including the ability to view their mobile screen on their eSight where they can freeze and zoom to see tiny details, stream videos on their phone and view it through their eSight, as well as save and share photos and videos captured on their eSight.

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