The latest exciting products to enter the market in dementia and clothing. (From June, 2018)

Cheryl delivers comfort and support

Described as perfect for those with difficult feet, the Cheryl ladies ultra-wide sandal from Sandpiper is a classic twin strap, sandal design with extra adjustment, enhanced heel support and soft leather.

The sandal opens right out, making it easy to put on and take off, whilst the lightweight design and supportive sole provide great arch support, combined with extra-long straps to deliver great adjustment across the instep.

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Part of the Sandpiper range for a number of years, the Cheryl has consistently been one of its year-round bestsellers according to Sandpiper, with customers’ appreciating its comfort, adjustability and support.

The Cheryl Ultra-Wide 6E Sandal also features full leather lining, a removable washable insole, back-in heel, padded ankle support and comes available in sizes 35-43 and nine colours.

Problem-solving Fabric Shoe

According to Cosyfeet, the Margaret indoor-outdoor shoe is the ideal problem solver for ladies with swollen or bandaged feet.

Coming in an EEEEE+ fitting as standard and with a touch-fastening strap which is easily adjustable, the lightweight yet supportive shoe is soft and cushioning.

With a seam-free toe area to protect vulnerable toes from chafing, this feminine style has cotton-rich uppers with a soft cotton lining, allowing the feet to breathe in warmer weather.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, the Margaret comes in a choice of lemon or marine fleur.

It is available in sizes 3 to 9 and retails at £38.00 (or £31.67 if a customer qualifies for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition).

Extension straps also come available for especially swollen feet.

Award-wining toilet seat helps users see red

Gordon Ellis & Co’s Ashby 4 inch raised toilet seat is a perfect addition to anyone’s bathroom who may be having visual recognition issues says the company.

A white toilet and grab rail against white tiles can make it hard for people to find their way around the bathroom, resulting in anxiety and loss of dignity.

Research has shown that increased brain wave activity can stimulate the production of adrenalin in the bloodstream and by using the colour red, which is a colour associated with alert, attracts the brains attention and allows the person to recognise and understand their environment.

The dementia friendly raised seat also includes a one-piece moulding which makes it easy to clean, sterilise or autoclave and is easy to fit with two over moulded brackets for a secure hold.

Built for comfort and durability, the Ashby can fit onto a square toilet and also comes in navy blue.

Making Nailcare EASI-er with EASI-GRIP

Having created the original long reach toe nail cutter with bright blue long loop handle back in the early 1990s, Peta (UK) says it felt it was time to differentiate with an improved and updated product after the original’s success led to many “me-too” copies.

Drawing on its design expertise and in response to customer feedback, the handles were redesigned to make them larger, curvier and more comfortable before adding a “soft feel lining” which guides finger positioning.

Tested by a focus group who had swollen joints, all found the design was far more comfortable to use.

Lastly changing the colour to make it more attractive, the company says the finished result may cost more but receives consistently good reviews and is one of three nail care items in the Easi-Grip nailcare range.

A MemRabel aid for independence

With over a hundred pre-installed videos, photos and voice reminders covering typical daily living reminders such as medication, daily routines, home safety and appointments, the MemRabel 2 has helped thousands live more independently through the use of personalised memory prompts set as daily alarm reminders.

The latest version, the MemRabel 2i, provides all these functions with the added benefit of setting reminders via a smartphone with the new MemRabel 2i APP, allowing someone to record short videos, voice memos and send photos from anywhere where an internet connection allows.

With the idea of viewing phone messages or video calls a non-reality for those unable to use a smartphone, either from age, disability or medical condition, the MemRabel 2i will automatically play a personalised message on the 8-inch x 6-inch video screen, even if the user is overseas.

Described as a simple tool to help people stay connected, users can set a daily reminder to play a photo slideshow of the grandchildren, show a short holiday video or just sing happy birthday.

Dispensing more independence

Medicines compliance can be particularly difficult for those with confusion or a complicated pill regime, with

Pivotell’s Automatic Pill Dispenser aims to provide more independence to those with a confusing or complicated pill regime.

By presenting only the right dose at the right time, the dispenser can form an important part of an overall ‘home care package,’ enabling easy maintenance of a prescribed pill regime.

With risks of potential stress and unnecessary ill health to a user by not taking medication as prescribed, the Pivotell automatic pill dispensers enable self-medication and avoid the need for carers (whether professional or family) to be present on each occasion that medication is due.

According to Pivotell, this can reduce care costs, as well as relieve the pressure and stress on family.

Enabling users to remain living independently at home and improve their quality of life, the automatic dispenser can be stand-alone, linked to Telecare or with text/email alerts.

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