The latest exciting products to enter the market in seating, furniture and cushions. (From Apr, 2018)

A chair to rely on

With a lifetime warranty on the frame, carers and users can rely on the HydroTilt, according to CareFlex.

The accommodating, all-round chair for posture, pressure and comfort management features an effective design which is simple to use.

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Standard features include CareFlex WaterCell Technology pressure relief, a unique flip-up footplate and a leg rest with 25 degrees negative angle to facilitate standing.

Clinical Evaluation studies have shown the HydroTilt and CareFlex WaterCell Technology to be both effective and comfortable, with Senior OT Badby Park commenting that “the HydroTilt is an extremely robust, long lasting chair. Even after years of use, I have had these chairs pressure mapped with HD patients and have had extremely positive results.”

The company is now in search of oldest HydroTilt still out there doing its job and is requesting that readers who know of a HydroTilt over 10 years old contact either THIIS Magazine or CareFlex directly.

Seating System to deliver outstanding posture management

Designed to deliver enhanced pelvic control – the keystone of posture – Blatchford’s Nimbus Modular Seating System utilises three key components to support the pelvis; a multi-adjustable posterior pelvic support or cradle, an adjustable seat wedge providing anterior support to the femurs and ischial tuberocities, and an optional pelvic harness.

Together these components support the pelvis in three plains, promoting optimal posture and reducing postural effort.

Created with maximum flexibility in mind, the seating system uses only one chassis and three seat/back options, enabling the Nimbus to adjust to suit hip widths from 16cm to 44cm.

Each seat size boasts 11cm of width adjustment and 13cm of depth adjustments, allowing it to grow with its user overtime.

Nimbus features all options required for excellent posture management, including a dynamic back support version.

A serenade to relieve pressure

The Serenade Gel cushion from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare contains silicone gel, reducing pressure and providing comfort.

The cushion provides optimum stability for the patient and incorporates a support strap to ensure the cushion stays in situ. In addition, this support surface comes with a two-year warranty, user weight of 160kg / 25st, welded seams and an anti-microbial coated cover.

A larger size is available, designed to cater for the heavier individual offering a user weight of 318kg / 50st.

Designed to deliver lasting comfort

With its supportive seating positioning system and deep waterfall cushions providing enhanced seating comfort, the new Ambassador Cosi Chair from Electric Mobility is different from any other riser reclining chair according to the company.

The chair’s unique design enables almost any individual to achieve maximum comfort, whether seated, rising or reclining.

With 12 fabrics available in stock for next day delivery and an option of a matching two or three-seater sofa available on ‘made to order’, users can choose from three sizes; small, medium and large.

Featuring Seminar Dual-motor Tilt-in-Space Mechanism with Variable Angle Lift (VAL), the Ambassador has a waterfall back design, a hybrid pocket sprung seat base, pleated wings and arm covers & antimacassar, as well as four lockable castors, as standard.

Tested to meet FIRA regulations, the chair comes with a five-year guarantee and a 25-stone weight limit.

Shining sitting support from Star cushion

Aiming to provide exceptional stability and postural support for improved comfort and sitting tolerance, Etac R82’s Star Cushions are a leading choice in pressure ulcer prevention.

Part of this proven range, the StarLock has patented Cell Locking Technology to provide bespoke and adaptable support and reduce tissue deformation.

Air flow can be locked between specific cells, thus combining appropriate stability with high pressure redistribution.

The cushion effectively envelopes the body structure and creates a stable sitting position, delivering an individual and precise correction of pelvic asymmetries.

It also boasts impressive pressure redistribution qualities, including category IV ulcers, as well as the Cell Locking Technology enabling pressure free zones.

With 5cm, 7.5cm ,10cm and 13cm height options available, the StarLock can be used as a one compartment cushion.

Comfort in mind with MiChair

Handmade from its Midlands factory, the MiChair range rise and recline chairs from Furmanac uses the latest mechanisms which operate safely and smoothly at the touch of a button.

The chairs feature fibre filled backed cushions and a chaise reclining footrest, as well as a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all chairs from the Silver collection.

Stylish commode blends within the home

The Walton Commode by Gordon Ellis & Co offers a first for customers according to the company, a furniture commode with height adjustable legs to allow users to set it for their ideal height.

Available in a choice of colour, the Walton Commode is made from easy to clean plastic and aluminium and features an arm rest on each side to provide support when rising, as well as a completely concealed commode area.

Holding the high capacity, seven-litre Burton Pan with an easy ‘lock and lift’ lid to prevent spills, the commode area can be completely removed for cleaning or to convert back to an ordinary chair if a commode is no longer needed.

The pan also includes an additional handle on the back to make emptying it easier.

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Glide & Lock for chair without handles

Aimed at individuals that struggle to sit back far enough in chairs and wheelchairs or prone to slipping down, Hospital Direct’s Glide & Locks are a range of comfortable, hard-wearing products that help people to sit back properly in chairs or wheelchairs without sliding back down.

The product glides users to the back of the chair/wheelchair and then secures them in position and can be used independently or with assistance by one or two carers, depending upon need.

Hospital Direct, which has been supplying to the NHS and care establishments for over 20 years, confirmed that Lock & Glides are used by people at home, general wards, renal units, OTs, social services and community nursing.

Sensory wrap suitable for variety of chairs

Offering plenty of deep pressure feedback aiding concentration, the portable Sensoryline Sensory Wrap from Sensorykraft is a deep-pressure therapy aid that can be placed on a variety of seats, armchairs and sofas.

Once the Sensoryline Wrap has been placed into a chair of choice, the user sits back and envelopes the wrap around his or her shoulders and positions the side flaps over the his or her thighs.

When used in schools, the Sensoryline Wrap can provide a retreat for children during a busy day and when placed in seating areas of psychiatric departments, day-care facilities and hospital waiting rooms, the Wraps can deliver a calming space in communal areas.

Made from wipe-clean polyester, the internal weights are made from formed medical-grade silicone and are designed to contour the body.

The weight gives the effect of an embrace and someone pressing down gently on the shoulders – both effective and comfortable for the wearer.

The price is £599.00 + VAT

Tilt-in-Space Chair ideal when space is at a premium

Used widely by Community Equipment Services and available as a self-funding option, the Accora Configura Lite is a single motor tilt-in-space chair featuring a distinct lift, rest and recline action which will also rise and tilt users to their feet.

Appropriate for users with moderate postural requirements and who are at medium risk of pressure damage, the backrest can be easily adjusted to allow for maximum support & comfort and additionally, includes the option of having a pressure reducing overlay.

The tilt-in-space mechanism can also help improve posture and support for the head & back, as well as helping with pressure ulcer management by spreading the pressure and increasing blood flow.

Pressure and posture preferences provided by Porter

The Boston Porter is the latest addition to Repose’s healthcare seating range, featuring new wing handles for ease of portering when the chair is occupied and the backrest is reclined, as well as a new double comfort lateral back cushion for luxurious support and comfort.

With a choice of either an electric or manual model, the chair comes with standard features that include Tilt in Space, independent backrest recline and leg elevation, along with height and angle adjustable footplate aimed at maximising postural management.

The company says the chair is ideally suited to being part of a client’s 24-hour pressure care management programme and additionally, a range of interchangeable pressure management back and seat cushion options ensure correct comfort and posture choices can be made.

Pressure reducing cushions designed for rise recliners

The cost-effective, pressure reducing Ultra-Cline cushions by Ultimate Healthcare have been specifically developed to be used on rise recliner chairs, providing added comfort and postural support to existing chair cushions.

The two-way stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover assists infection control and the visco elastic foam delivers user comfort.

Featuring a securing strap system to prevent the cushion from slipping, the lightweight Ultra-Cline reduces the risk of pressure ulceration due to forward sliding.

The cushions are supplied as part of a three-piece set to include a lumbar, seat and leg cushion or individually.

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Deluxe joins M-Brand Wilmslow family

Z-Tec Mobility has introduced the latest product of its M-Brand Wilmslow range of dual motor riser recliner chairs, the Wilmslow Deluxe.

The company says the chair comes finished in a luxurious and comfortable fabric, a quality wooden frame and full waterfall back with wings, whilst the independently adjustable backrest and leg rest offer advanced comfort and support.

Using OKIN controlled motors and remote pads for all of its riser recliner chairs, the Deluxe comes with a four-buttoned remote pad that controls the position of the recliner

Emergency battery back-up is also a standard with the range of riser recliners, according to Z-Tec.

Springing into pressure care action

With prevention of pressure ulcers is becoming increasingly critical and the care industry recognising that prevention is more cost effective than cure, the Airospring range represents a breakthrough in pressure care, according to Polymorit.

The company says multiple layers of patented XD spacer fabric inside the Pressure Relief Optimised (PRO) cushions create performance superior to both specialist memory foam and pressure relieving gel.

The Airospring PRO cushions comply with BS6807 Crib 5 regulations, incorporating a Fire Resistant internal layer to make them suitable for use in care establishments.

100 percent washable, including the core, the cushions’ light weight also make them easier to handle.

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