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Medequip Assistive Technology, a provider of community equipment services (CES), has issued an official statement about how it is committing to employee and service user safety among the Coronavirus pandemic.

Helping people remain independent in their own homes for longer, Medequip’s CES includes the procurement, storage, delivery, installation, technical demonstration, repair, maintenance, collection, cleaning and recycling of homecare medical equipment.

In light of the global Coronavirus situation, Medequip assures that is following current guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the NHS and other informed government bodies to mitigate risk during the current public health crisis.

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The company said that it is also introducing new measures to ensure the protection of its employees and their families, service users and visitors.

One way it is ensuring protection during these difficult and uncertain times is by setting up a dedicated COVID-19 Coordination Group. According to Medequip Assistive Technology, the group draws on the expertise and commitment of the company’s directors and senior managers, and has met daily since the beginning of March.

The CES provider’s statement reads: “This group focuses on effective business continuity planning, including liaison with suppliers to maintain the supply of medical equipment into our warehouses, enhanced infection control prevention measures and detailed operational planning designed to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our teams and our service users across the country.

“We continue to adopt a measured and informed approach to ensuring the safety of all who work with and come into contact with our organisation as we go about our daily business, providing equipment and support to the more vulnerable members of our society.”

In August 2019, Medequip became the first commercial organisation in the UK to receive a new accreditation for the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) industry, developed by TEC Quality and NAEP.

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