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A small village in Powys, Wales, has come up with an “ingenious” plan to support the more senior residents in their small community by fundraising for a Winncare Camel lifting cushion.

A group of active Llandinam volunteers recognised that their rural community of less than 600 sometimes felt disconnected from mainstream NHS services. Although already the proud owners of a defibrillator, it was agreed a solution to help residents when they fall over was fast becoming another priority.

The group decided to raise funds for a Camel lifting cushion from Powys-based manufacturer Winncare, after one volunteer heard positive feedback about the equipment for providing a dignified lifting solution.

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Gareth Davies said: “We have a very energetic community here in Llandinam and are keen to include all residents in our activities.

“Unfortunately, people do fall over and although uninjured, need help getting up again. A neighbour told me about a clever piece of equipment called a Camel lifting cushion, which not only provides a dignified lift for the faller it also requires minimal manual handling from the person performing the lift.

“We decided to fund raise to get one located in our village hall, which is easily accessible for all. It will give our more elderly residents the peace of mind that if they do fall, they can be lifted again quickly and comfortably.”

Traditionally an ambulance is called if someone falls over, but wait times for lower priority patients can be in excess of four hours, particularly in rural communities, Winncare says.

Lying on the floor for more than an hour after a fall can be very dangerous and sometimes have more severe consequences than the fall itself, according to the healthcare equipment supplier.

Winncare Director Allistair Burns commented: “Our lifting cushions are used by every ambulance service in the UK because they protect the backs of paramedics.

“I will be supporting the Llandinam residents to learn how to use the equipment safely and of course, exactly when they should still call an ambulance for help.”

With full training taking place in March, the residents of Llandinam will soon be ready to step up their calendar of events, safe in the knowledge that however action packed, they have put safeguards in place to keep their community safe.

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