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The range of adult and junior electric wheelchairs from Etac will now be marketed under the Balder brand.

Etac has taken the strategic decision to re-position its product naming with the move back to Balder. A new logo has been developed which the company says reflects the innovative developments planned for the range. These include the integration of a pioneering gyroscope for even better driving stability, upgraded upholstery and ergonomically improved armrests.

The company says that the Scandinavian designed and built wheelchairs represent the latest in assistive technology for individuals with limited movement. They incorporate high levels of powered functionality so a multitude of varied seating positions can be achieved assisting with pressure management, circulation and day-to-day living. Users can also drive around in a smooth and controlled manner and high levels of manoeuvrability are provided through front wheel drive.

Both the Balder F290 and E890 powerchairs can power an individual into a standing position safely and securely. This provides several therapeutic benefits including improved circulation and muscle strengthening, whilst eye-to-eye engagement is possible with able-bodied people.

The Balder F280 incorporates a specialist tilt-in-space reclining action for pressure management and the F270 provides a popular entry-level wheelchair. Fun graphics can be applied to personalise a child’s powerchair and if more advanced postural support is required, the Balder XP with flexible R82 x:panda seating system is ideal.

The company will be displaying the models at Naidex, along with the Balder Automatic Tie-down System for drive-from-wheelchair capabilities.

Balder now sits alongside other brands from Etac such as R82, MoLift and Immedia.

Find out more information on the Etac website HERE

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