Closomat toileting analysis resource image

A new tool to help healthcare professionals determine the suitability of equipment to assist with toileting for their clients is now available for free on the Closomat website.

Produced by occupational therapists and published by Closomat, a manufacturer of toilet aids that enhance hygiene and independence, the ‘Activity Analysis of Toileting’ guide delivers, in one easy-to-use document, a client suitability appraisal method.

The document covers pointers for overt and covert components alongside the cost analysis of utilising assistive toileting equipment vs the cost of having a carer help an individual with toileting activity.

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According to Closomat, anyone involved in assessing a person’s need for help to go to the toilet can use the resource to quickly validate whether living aids such as a wash & dry toilet and/or toilet lifter would benefit the particular recipient.

“The whole home adaptation process is, in its drive to be more efficient, involving more professionals, from diverse though relevant background and expertise,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager. “Whilst developed by and for Occupational Therapists, the Analysis provides a useful reference tool to enable anyone involved in assessment and delivery of home adaptations and daily living aids to make an informed decision- at least as far as toilet aids are concerned.

“We care about helping make life as simple as possible: this is one small way we can help busy healthcare professionals do their job efficiently and correctly.”

The document can be downloaded for free from the ‘top tips’ section of the resources pages on Closomat’s website.

It is complemented by additional easy reference guides, including a cost of care reference; design tips for accessible, age-friendly and multi-generational bathrooms; and things to consider when choosing a wash & dry toilet.

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