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Giving dementia patients important reminders, alarms and memory prompts, the MR2 MemRabel 2i Memory prompting daily calendar clock is a clever device that assists people with dementia in their day-to-day lives.

It is designed for family members and carers to create meaningful messages that act as memory prompts for people with dementia, with the ability to set the times and days for playback of the message. This can be done via the MemRabel 2i smartphone app to set up alarm times and record and send personalised and meaningful videos, photos or text messages.

The memory-prompting videos help people remember daily routines, chores, appointments or medicine time reminders. For instance, a family member could set a reminder every day at 12pm telling the person with dementia to take their medication. This removes any feelings of worry that the person might forget their tablets.

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MemRabel 2i image

MemRabel 2i has a choice of 10 different clock faces with selectable contrast and digit/background colours. It can connect to broadband to allow the MemRabel 2i app to send media files and alarm time setup data to the calendar clock. All alarm media has automatic playback, meaning there are no confusing buttons or touch screens involved for the dementia patient.

Additionally, MemRabel 2i is pre-loaded with over 100 typical daily reminder videos, voice memos and picture files covering medications, home safety, eating, drinking, diabetes, security and more. According to Mike Dines, Founder of Medpage, these daily reminders were recommended by occupational therapists.

There is also the option to set unlimited daily, weekly, or monthly reminder alarms from the stock reminder media files.

MemRabel 2i image

The device is quick and easy to set up, both itself and with a smartphone, and messages and reminders can be created and sent from any location. Used alarms can be edited or deleted online to avoid any confusion.

You can see the MemRabel 2i in action in the video below:


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