Wetroom manufacturer Impey has released the new Elevate and Freeglide half-height doors following extensive industry consultation with care professionals, including Occupational Therapists and Technical Officers.

The company says it has redesigned and streamlined its half-height door offering, marrying design and functionality to bring a unique market offering and overcoming concerns raised by the consultation.

Areas identified by care professionals and users included:

  • Ease of use for those with reduced strength
  • No finger traps or hard edges
  • Clear colour contrasting for visual aid
  • A modern, attractive look
  • Fast delivery options and opportunity to order bespoke sizes or designs
  • Easy to fit and clean

According to the company, the design team has ensured that the Elevate and Freeglide half-height shower doors incorporate a multitude of ground-breaking features which exhibit significant benefits for users and carers – both in the care sector and in home-care situations – and address the needs highlighted by care professionals.


Occupational Therapist Madeleine Burton said: “Impey’s genuine desire to offer products that improve the showering experience for those with decreased mobility has resulted in two outstanding new half-height door options – both of which offer superior functionality, huge versatility and outstanding features.”

impey-elevate_handleAcknowledging a variety of users, Impey has considered benefits for elderly users by incorporating easy-open mechanisms to both new models to remove the need for pinch grip to open and close shower doors.

The company has also given consideration to partially sighted users, as well as those with dementia or Alzheimers, by using contrasting colours for the handles and openings, with visual cues helping users to locate and identify items easier and promoting independence.

Elevate and Freeglide are the first half-height shower doors that Impey has released since the company took their door design and manufacturing in-house.

Elevate half-height shower door key features include:

  • An easy-lift opening mechanism to aid both those with a weaker grip and carers
  • Soft-touch 0 shaped handles for comfort and firmer grip when wet
  • Colour contrast handles for ease of location; particularly advantageous for partially sighted users and dementia patients
  • Double water-tight seals to ensure against leakage
  • Anti-finger trap design for superior safety
  • Versatile door hinges, which fold fully back in both directions
  • Screw cover strips to hide fixings and eliminate areas for dirt build-up, ensuring quick and easy cleaning
  • Fast-fit, 20 minute installation time
  • Bespoke options available to fit any shape or size of room

Freeglide half-height shower door key features include:

  • Door handles with soft feel TPE inserts, for ease of grip
  • Easy operate latch handle which can be used with no necessity for pinch grip
  • Concealed gear mechanism and wall magnets / seals for easy and quick cleaning
  • Shatter-proof glass for added security
  • Versatile door hinges, which fold fully back in both directions
  • Anti-finger trap design for superior safety
  • Concealed TPE glazing system for a neater and more attractive finish
  • Bespoke options available to fit any shape or size of room

Both of Impey’s new half-height doors come with next-day delivery on all standard orders and a short lead-time on bespoke sizes, as well as a lifetime guarantee.

For more information about the new Elevate and Freeglide shower doors, which are fully compatible with Impey’s product portfolio, visit the website HERE

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