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Medical equipment supplier Sumed International has launched Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve, which offers a new approach to preventing pressure ulcers on the heel.

Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve is a medical device for the protection of elderly or fragile atrophic skin and prevention of pressure ulcers on the heels. The heel sleeve can be used in home care, nursing homes, hospitals, care homes and clinics for the fixation of non-adhesive wound dressings and can help prevent skin degradation and pressure points. It can also help in the treatment of pressure ulcers.

A clinical study was carried out on 12 patients using Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve in Germany. The trial period was around 18 months with a mixed aged group.

Each patient was at medium to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer. There were five patients with nine pressure ulcers in category 1 and 3 at the start of the trial.

All wounds completely healed during the application of Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve.

Graham Collyer, Executive Chairman at Sumed International UK, said: “Heel ulcers are the second most common area for pressure ulcers and this novel product will be very useful in patients, particularly those who need limited ambulation.”

Features and benefits of Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve include pressure redistribution, keeping the foot cool, providing good airflow, and reducing sheer. It is lightweight and ambulatory.

Made of polymer gel and pleasant to wear, the heel sleeve is ideal for padding and can be washed, disinfected and reused. It does not stick to the skin, according to the company. Sumed adds that this pressure ulcer solution is soft on the skin and easy to apply with minimal force.

The pressure care solution is available at £78.00 + VAT. For more information on Sumed Yathan Second Skin Heel Sleeve, click here.

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