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Building on feedback from clients who wanted a rollator which addresses the needs of, and offers support to, people with Parkinson’s disease, Rollz Mobility UK will launch the Rollz Motion Rhythm at Naidex 2020.

As part of its UK debut, the rollator specialist will unveil the Rollz Motion Rhythm at Naidex alongside its two other new mobility aids: the Rollz Motion Performance and the Saljol Carbon Rollator.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease and similar neurological conditions who can experience a disrupted gait pattern of episodes of freezing. To support these episodes, the Rollz Motion Rhythm features three rhythmic cues which combine to help the user step out of a freeze and start a rhythmic walking movement. The three cues consist of a laser line on the floor, a ticking metronome sound and a vibration in the handles.

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In addition, the corresponding Rollz Rhythm app makes the Parkinson’s rollator unique as it allows the user to remotely adjust the cues and control the walking pace. The app works on both Android and iOS smartphones and is a useful tool for when the user is working with their occupational therapist to set up a walking pattern that meets their personal requirements and levels of mobility.

Arjan Muis, CEO of Rollz International, commented: “We are delighted to be launching the Rollz Motion Rhythm as part of our UK debut at Naidex 2020. At Rollz, we believe in always listening to feedback from our customers and retailers and the Rollz Motion Rhythm has been developed in response to requests for a rollator which addresses the needs and offers support to people living with Parkinson’s.

“Freezing symptoms make walking difficult and the three cues on this rollator will increase the user’s confidence when going outdoors which can lead to a more active and independent lifestyle. Thanks to the Smart technology, everything can be easily set up via a smart phone.”

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a specialised version of the standard Rollz Motion, which is a stable and comfortable rollator, and is used to assist people living with Parkinson’s disease or similar conditions.

For increased comfort, the new specialist rollator also features ergonomic hand grips that are height adjustable and large rear wheels with soft tyres to help cushion uneven terrain. Weighing 11.6kg and with a maximum user weight of 125kg, the Rollz Motion Rhythm is ideal for most users and thanks to its innovative design, it is also easy to manoeuvre.

There are two optional extras with the Rollz Motion Rhythm. By using the wheelchair accessory pack, the rollator can easily and quickly be converted into a wheelchair which can be helpful when the user becomes tired and needs to rest. Their friend or carer can then push them in the wheelchair while they rest.

For users who may require a continuous resistance while walking, the Rollz Motion Rhythm can also be equipped with easy-to-adjust drag brakes which provide the user with the desired level of brake intensity at all times.

Rollz Mobility UK will be on stand N887 at Naidex 2020, which takes place on the 17th-18th March at the Birmingham NEC.

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