Elliot Baker with his Quest product image

A young boy has benefited from a range of pioneering therapy solutions throughout his childhood to help him remain independent and participate in social situations thanks to rehabilitation products specialist Quest.

Quest offers a range of therapy, rehabilitation and adaptive cycling solutions which are suitable for people from pre-school age through to retirement.

With its younger clients, it is not uncommon for the company to work with a child and their family throughout their childhood as they grow and require new products or changes to existing ones.

12-year-old Elliott Baker from Oxfordshire is a good example of how beneficial this can be.

Elliot Baker with his Quest product imageElliott has Kernicterus, a condition which has symptoms similar to athetoid CP but also effects Elliott’s hearing, speech and eye movement, and can cause muscle spasms that can cause arching of the back and neck.

From a very young age, Elliott has needed support with his mobility as his mother Caroline explains: “As soon as Elliott started trying to walk at around the age of 2 years old, we knew he was going to need support and his OT recommended we look at the Kaye Walker from Quest 88.  This was the beginning of what has now been a 10-year relationship with the team at Quest 88 who we think of more as friends these days”.

Over the intervening years, Elliott has used four Kaye Walkers and took delivery of his latest one towards the end of last year.

“The Kaye Walkers have been brilliant for Elliott as they have helped him to walk as independently as possibly at home, on family days out, at school and when with his friends and they are incredibly sturdy so have only needed replacing due to Elliott growing,” continued Caroline.

In addition to the Kaye Walkers, Elliott has also had a Kitten trike.

As part of his ongoing therapy programme, Elliott has been attending the Footsteps Therapy Centre in Oxford since the age of four. The centre specialises in the intensive rehabilitation of children and young adults with cerebral palsy (CP), genetic disorders, epilepsy, other neurological and neuromotor disorders, and undiagnosed conditions through an approach which is intensive, child-friendly and combines fun and games with traditional physiotherapy exercises.

The staff aim to enhance and improve the physical, cognitive and speech development of the patients as well as increase their confidence and independence.

Caroline added: “The work they do at Footsteps is amazing and I am sure having the Kaye Walkers at home over the years has helped with this as Elliott became more confident, and steadier on his feet.”

As Elliott moved up through primary school, his frustration at not being able to properly join in PE lessons grew. Caroline mentioned this to Quest’s Managing Director Rob Henshaw who suggested they assess Elliott for a Petra RaceRunner as he was now tall enough to potentially use one. From the moment he tried it, he loved it as it meant he could take part in PE lessons that involved running and keep up with his friends. Having the running bike made such a difference to Elliott as it meant he could compete with his friends.

Elliott is now in year eight at his local secondary school but has, again, had to miss out on joining in some of the of the PE lessons such as athletics as he had outgrown his Petra RaceRunner. Caroline got back in touch with Rob who visited the family to assess Elliott and just after Christmas, Elliott received the present he was hoping for – a brand new Petra RaceRunner.

“Prior to getting the new RaceRunner, I had spoken to Elliott’s PE teacher and he said it sounded great as he could do so much with it,” said Caroline. “Elliott loves his new running bike, and the fact Rob took the time to arrange for the handover to take place on the running track at Stoke Mandeville stadium was the icing on the cake for Elliott.  I cannot recommend or thank Rob and the rest of the Quest team highly enough.”

“It has been a pleasure to help Elliott and his family over the last 10 years and watch him develop from a toddler through to a teenager,” Rob commented. “He really is an inspiration to us all and that is why we are delighted to announce that as of February this year Elliott will be one of our Quest 88 Ambassadors.”

Elliot Baker with his Quest product image

Elliott has now had his new RaceRunner for a couple of months and is looking forward to using it in PE lessons.

He concluded: “Quest are brilliant. I have found all their equipment really easy to use over the years and thanks to their Kaye Walkers I have always been able to walk around with my friends at Primary and Secondary School and with mum, dad and my sister Ella on days out instead of always having to use my powerchair – so I never felt left out.

“I know that running is never go to be easy for me but thanks to my new Petra RaceRunner I will be able to keep up with everybody else in PE lessons again. When Rob asked if I wanted to become a Quest ambassador, I was so excited and I hope I can help other children and their parents realise that just because you have a disability there is equipment available which means you can still have just as much fun as everyone else and really enjoy life at school and at home.”

For more information on the full range of therapy, rehabilitation and adaptive cycling solutions available from Quest, advice on funding or to arrange an assessment, call 01952 463050, email: sales@quest88.com or visit: www.quest88.com

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