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To ensure the correct attachment of the sling loops on the spreader bar hooks on its Birdie EVO Lifter, Invacare has updated the instructions in the User Manual and Quick Guide with more detailed information to prevent any potential mishaps.

The safety alert applies to the full range of Birdie Evo Lifters manufactured and still in use in the market with the new hook design manufactured since June 2018.

Informing healthcare professionals and users, this safety alert intends to remove the possibility that the sling loops detach unintentionally from the spreader bar hooks when they are wrongly attached and as a result, Invacare has updated its User Manual and Quick Guide with more detailed information and picture comparisons.

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The picture comparisons show the wrong sling loop attachment in contrast with the correct sling loop attachment. Invacare states that the sling loops need to be pulled completely down on the hooks to eliminate the risk of unintended sling loop detachment.

In addition to the updated User Manual and Quick Guide, Invacare has created a new adhesive label to be placed on the spreader bar above each hook in order to alert and inform healthcare professionals of the correct attachment of the sling loop. These labels can be ordered directly from Invacare free of charge for all affected individuals.

The updated User Manual and Quick Guide can be downloaded from the Invacare web page

For any queries or additional information, people are urged to contact the Invacare Technical Services Department on 01656 776 333 or at the following address: Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed, Bridgend, CF35 5AQ

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