Jiraffe Standz 2 image

Postural support specialist Jiraffe has announced a new product that will help change the lives of children across the UK and around the world.

Jiraffe has revealed the new Standz 2 by Jenx – a versatile standing system offering prone or supine standing that accommodates abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between 5-14 years old.

Standz 2 has been designed to meet the needs of children who are older, taller, heavier and stronger while keeping the simplicity of adjustment and use found in the original Standz system.

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The new product is designed for the needs of older users and is kept simple and safe for care providers to use. This allows for clinicians to support children and adolescents as they move from postural development through to postural maintenance.

Standz 2 also completes Jenx’s family standing products offering upright, prone and supine standing in either a neutral or abducted leg position.

Holly Jenkins, Director of Jiraffe, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Standz 2 to market. This new product is a fantastic development making the many clinical benefits of standing accessible to even more young children.

“Standing improves blood pressure and circulation, helps digestion, encourages good bone and muscle development, provides opportunities to increase social skills and is a great and effective way to improve a child’s outlook on the world.

“Standing isn’t just one position, the easy adjustability of Standz 2 enables children to stand in multiple positions, with each one offering different benefits. For children unable to stand unaided Standz 2 will be a life-changing product.”

Jiraffe is currently hiring for a home-based National Clinical Training Manager, a Product Advisor covering Yorkshire and the North East, and a Product Advisor covering the Republic of Ireland.

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