Blue Badge Co disability car sticker image

Independent living aids specialist Blue Badge Co has unveiled its new line of disability car stickers, which aim to raise awareness around the challenges that disabled people face on the road and around parking. ⠀

With 14 different square or rectangular stickers for individuals to choose from, the stickers can be placed in car windows to inform others that a disabled passenger is in the car, without saying a word.

Blue Badge Co disability car sticker imageBlue Badge Co created the ‘Say It With A Sticker’ range to help give disabled people a voice when it comes to parking and to avoid abuse or harassment from others, particularly those with hidden disabilities.

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“From those with invisible disabilities receiving abuse or harassment, wheelchair users not given enough space to get out of their vehicles, getting stared at, to abled members of the public taking advantage of parking in blue badge bays. The list really does go on!” the company highlighted.

As a result, the company’s light-hearted sticker range intends to enable disabled people to avoid confrontation and abuse from others by highlighting their disability through their sticker.

Designs include more humorous messages – such as “I’m only in it for the parking” and “If you want my parking space take my disability with it” – to more thought-provoking messages – such as “Don’t judge a disability by its visibility” and “Laziness is not a disability, please respect disabled parking spaces”.

Blue Badge Co disability car sticker imageThe launch of the sticker range comes with the announcement of the biggest Blue Badge scheme overhaul in 50 years, giving those with less visible disabilities the right to apply for a Blue Badge parking permit confidently.

As part of its disability car sticker campaign, Blue Badge Co will be sending out free car stickers to individuals with every car-related purchase on its website. To take advantage of this offer, people need to choose their in-car product, add their favourite sticker to their shopping basket and use the code FREESTICKER at checkout. The price of the sticker will automatically be deducted from the order.

Alternatively, car stickers cost £2.50 (with VAT exemption) on the company’s website.

Blue Badge Co is encouraging people to share a picture of their disability sticker in their car window on social media using the hashtag #SayItWithASticker and tagging @bluebadgeco to raise further awareness of its campaign.

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