KANJO bathlift image2019 is set to see a new UK bathlift supplier, H&M Bathlifts, launch its new KANJO bathlift range for both adults and children.

Like the stairlift, the bathlift is a popular, simple and practical mobility aid that helps thousands of elderly and disabled people to live more independently at home.

Explaining his decision to set up H&M Bathlifts, Hugh Malone commented: “Having been involved with bathlifts and working in the homecare industry for many years I have always kept a close eye on the changing trends in the way homecare is being funded and delivered, as well as keeping up-to-date on the pressures facing local authorities, councils and the NHS.

“Things like bed blocking, austerity and increased demand on, already stretched, public services all impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of product capability, supplier selection, lifetime costs, plus ease and speed of loan store re-issue.

“So much so, I felt there was a gap in the bathlift market for a product and unique service that can address all these key issues. That product is the KANJO range and I believe it is set to revolutionise the UK bathlift market.”

Hugh explained that the KANJO bathlift offers both users and local authorities numerous benefits.

“For users, it offers loads of great features including, fixed and recliner options as standard, adult and child accessories,” he explained. “A versatile and stable lift that fits most bath tub shapes, including corner baths. A very low decline position allowing more depth into the bathwater. Easy cleaning and enhanced sanitation via use of antibacterial nanotechnology.

“For local authorities, the principle benefits, aside from product quality, is economics. The KANJO comes with a 4 year warranty that includes the handset and charger. This is very significant, as it is estimated local authorities waste somewhere in the region of £5 million pounds a year on bathlift spares, with around 50% on hand controls and chargers alone.

“This extensive warranty, available only on the KANJO, will significantly reduce this problem; leaving more money to be spent helping to ease the backlog of providing essential homecare services for elderly and disabled people.”

Hugh added that the build quality, and easy cleaning and re-issuing, are also helpful to local authorities.

“Customer support is also crucial to working with local authorities. H&M Bathlifts has a strong, dedicated team that understand the needs of local authority customers and will ensure the highest levels of customer service and after sales support to all.

“The company will also be offering free of charge product and technical training to all Community Equipment Service nominated staff.”

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