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Rebotics Technology is a new UK company that will focus on advanced products that assist and complement the rehabilitation process, enabling people to regain independence.

Products offered by Rebotics Technology will focus on the ‘rehab without wheels’ approach. The company aims to secure the distribution rights of mainly exoskeletal and neurorehabilitation products that will enhance the recovery process for disabled people. This encompasses solutions that enhance rehabilitation centres, specialise therapy plans, and advance treatment for private patients.

Key products in Rebotics Technology’s portfolio will be Rewalk Robotics, Exoatlet, exoskeletal suits, B-temia, Keeogo lower limb Dermo skeletal system, and Syrebo soft-hand therapy gloves. More products will follow in due course, the company has confirmed.

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Some of the solutions are designed to assist a patient to increase the repetitions and exercise dose, allowing for more intensive and productive rehabilitation. This has been shown to assist recovery within neurorehabilitation and restore the individual’s natural ability.

Exoskeleton and exo-suit devices allow walking gait therapy but also enable individuals with spinal cord injuries to walk assisted or independently. This not only offers “unrivalled” opportunities to increase independence but has many health benefits, Rebotics Technology highlights. Regular walking with an exoskeleton has been shown to help maintain bone density, assist with spasm, pain and the function of the body.

These innovative technologies add a new dimension to people’s recovery, ability and their lives. As these products emerge, Rebotics Technology states that it will be perfectly placed to not only supply, support and train, but to also have a UK-based service that provides an ‘unmatched’ offering to clients.

Rebotics Technology represents a collaboration between the directors of Recare, which specialises in rehabilitation and mobility products, and Stephen Ruffle, who has over 20 years’ experience in the medical device industry.

Richard Holland-Oakes, CEO of Recare, says that his knowledge of orthotics, prosthetics, rehabilitation and mobility will be key for Rebotics Technology.

He commented: “It is a development that is going back to the roots of my career but with modern technology being developed to an incredible standard and evolving rapidly to assist and enhance Spinal injury, MS, stroke, and Parkinson type clients.”

With a background in product design and engineering, plus over 20 years’ experience in the medical device sector, including six years developing the exoskeleton market in the UK and Ireland, Stephen Ruffle, Director of Rebotics Technology, is well placed to guide the new business.

“This is a very exciting time for the emergence of new technology within rehabilitation as the products get more accepted and proven to assist and complement the rehabilitation process,” he said.

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