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Steeper Group, which provides a variety of orthotic and prosthetic devices, has announced the integration of the innovative Espire™ Elbow range to its upper limb prosthetics portfolio.

Incorporating ‘pioneering’ technology, design and engineering, the easy-to-use Espire Elbow range offers five models for users worldwide, which can be programmed to meet individual needs.

The prosthetics mimic the natural aesthetic of the human arm, which are engineered to emulate the anatomical forearm and wrist, with even weight distribution and ensuring the arm looks natural in a comfortable resting position, Steeper Group says.

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Each model is side-specific and comes in a range of colours and two size options. From lightweight, mechanical models to myoelectric, powered joints, each elbow aims to be reliable with a sleek design, according to Steeper Group.

In June 2020 Steeper Group announced the acquisition of the Espire Elbow range from College Park Industries. Following a six-month transition phase, the company has announced that it is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Espire Elbow range.

Paul Steeper, CEO of Steeper Group, said: “We are thrilled that the Espire Elbow range is now part of the Steeper Upper Limb Portfolio. Our teams have been working harder than ever to ensure a smooth transition, and we look forward to delivering outstanding service and expertise to our distributors around the world as we continue to develop the Espire Elbow range.”

The five models available are: Pro, Hybrid, Classic Plus, Classic, and Basic. The Hybrid, Classic Plus, Classic and Basic models have an adjustable forearm counterbalance mechanism to evenly distribute the weight of the forearm, wrist, and terminal device, negating the effects of gravity.

Additionally, the Pro and Hybrid models can be integrated with “revolutionary” pattern recognition technology from Coapt and IBT, the company highlights.

Steeper Group says the gearbox of the Espire Pro enables a high lift and hold capacity, allowing users to hold 11kg and dynamically lift 4kg to perform everyday tasks with ease. The Pro uses a custom 50W brushless DC motor, which provides the speed and torque needed to flex and extend the elbow.

Furthermore, the company says the strategic placement of the gearbox in the elbow joint provides comfort, balance, and control of the limb. Espire Pro automatically locks in both directions, achieving reliable elbow movement and positioning, and also features an electronic, silent free-swing. The free-swing is engaged automatically when the elbow reaches full extension – a feature that can also be activated using alternative inputs such as myo signals or switches set up via the Espire Hub App for iPad.

Espire Pro was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

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