BES Healthcare has introduced the TLC (Touch-free Life Care) system to help reduce preventable injuries. With falls and pressure ulcers becoming a growing concern and cost to the NHS, the remote patient monitoring TLC system aims to prevent these incidents whilst remaining unobtrusive and non-invasive.

The system has a TLC sensor mat, which when placed under a mattress turns the bed into a smart bed. The mat continuously detects heart rate, breathing rate, motion and presence; transmitting all the data to the TLC cloud-based platform. Caregivers are then able to can receive health data and alerts to their PC’s or mobile devices about their patients.

According to the company, the data collected can be used to review long term trend data for sleep patterns, resting heart, breathing rate and sleep quality to identify adverse changes in patient’s health early on. The system can let healthcare professionals and caregivers monitor a group of up to 60 people, allowing patients to be monitored within their own homes or in a care setting without being disturbed.

Currently being used as part of a pilot programme by Blackburn with Darwen Council, a recent trial report published by Goodmark Medical, distributors of TLC in the US, revealed that the TLC reduced the incidence of pressure ulcers by 85.4%.

To find out more about the pilot programme contact BES on 01179 666 761 or visit the website is HERE

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