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A new “ultra-lightweight” transfer board to help wheelchair users easily move from one surface to another easily and safely has been launched by disability products firm Buckingham Healthcare.

The company was founded by Chris Buckingham, an occupational therapist (OT) with more than 15 years of experience, where she sells a range of products to help disabled people live independently.

Chris has a passion for helping people and making a difference to their lives. She has worked across a wide range of areas, from mental health services and intermediate care, to stroke rehabilitation and wheelchair services.

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Having worked as a specialist posture and mobility therapist after taking, Chris saw how difficult transferring can be. It often requires lifting, dragging and pulling, which can be risky as it can cause injury to the individual if not done correctly, she says.

After years of thinking about a solution, Chris won an Innovate UK open competition grant. This enabled her to work with experts, including those at the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournmouth University, social services therapists at Portsmouth and Wimborne, and clinicians at Salisbury Hospital.

Over two years and multiple lockdowns, together they devised the Glideboard. Chris believes this board will make a massive difference in people’s lives.

The transfer board weighs 1.2kg and boats a unique design; the curved handles increase stability, and the gliding seat reduces effort for the user and carer by more than a third.

The contoured edges and asymmetric design mean fewer marks from friction, and the ‘handles’ are shaped to fit around armrests.

Although lightweight, this independent living aid is still strong and stable. It is quick and easy to insert and remove underneath the user, so transferring from different surfaces is hassle-free.

The disability aid has specially designed handles that facilitate a wide range of positioning and situations. It also easy to clean with no dirt traps, and the seat can be easily removed from the board for better cleaning.

The board comes in a range of colours, with more patterns to follow in the future, Buckingham Healthcare says. Currently, users can opt for a blue or white board and either a green, blue, or white seat.

Find out more about the Glideboard in Chris’ recent interview with Disability Horizons in the video below:

The Glideboard is sold exclusively on the Disability Horizons Shop in the UK.

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