Kuschall Superstar image

Küschall has set out to deliver the world’s lightest wheelchair called Superstar, which has been designed to give users optimal levels of posture and comfort.

As the chair is a tailor-made solution, it corrects users’ posture and maximises their performance by allowing them to choose the option which is the most suitable for them. The Superstar also comes with a variety of features such as adaptable seating positions, an adjustable backrest and a fully integrated seat cushion.

According to Küschall, its new chair offers the best weight to acceleration performance compared with other wheelchairs. As it is bespoke, the Superstar also reduces the risk of upper body extremities in the future because users are seated in the position which best suits their needs.

Kuschall Superstar image

The company added that the wheelchair has superb power transfer through the entire frame, meaning it will respond quickly with every movement. Additionally, the chair’s road dampening properties provide an “effortless” glide” for users.

Küschall used aerospace materials and worked in collaboration with a Formula 1 manufacturer to create its pioneering wheelchair.

With a frame weight of less than 1.5kg, the Superstar claims to be 30 percent lighter and 20 percent stronger compared to carbon wheelchairs as it is made from graphene.

Founded in 1978, Küschall aims to improve the lives of wheelchair users by using materials and creating new innovations or concepts.

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