Over the shoulder view of GlassOuse Pro assistive device in use.

The GlassOuse Pro is the latest addition to the GlassOuse assistive device series for people with disabilities or limited mobility, used to control phones, computers, tablets, and smart TVs via body movements.

Some disabled individuals have limited or no use of their hands, which can make communication challenging with the prevalence of computers and keyboards in everyday life.

The updated GlassOuse Pro can now connect to three devices simultaneously, which gives users more accessibility when using the device and allows them to perform more tasks comfortably. Users can quickly switch between phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and smart TVs by themselves.

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GlassOuse Pro has a modular design and a smaller shape for easier and convenient daily use. It can meet the needs of many different users through a combination of different modes, according to the manufacturer, GlassOuse.

The new version has three modes: mouse, switch and joystick. In mouse mode, GlassOuse Pro functions to meet user needs like a normal mouse. In joystick mode the multiple switch connectivity, lightweight and fast operation of the device enable users to play games with it.

For clients with severe loss of motor function, the switch mode enables them to control the device by swinging any part of the body and clicking the G-Switch.

With six wearing accessories and nine different clicks of its G-Switches, Glassouse Pro offers a rich set of choices for any collocation, more flexibility and more adaptability, meeting many needs for daily use. GlassOuse uses a nine-axis gyroscope to detect even the slightest head movements to move its cursor.

The previous version, GlassOuse V1.4, is worn like glasses, which helped users overcome limited hand dexterity and allowed many disabled people to regain the ability to work and socialise by using GlassOuse.

GlassOuse Pro has been produced based on feedback from hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide on previous GlassOuse models.

The GlassOuse Pro will be available on Kickstarter for pre-order at £559.

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