At this year’s Kidz to Adultz North event, Baffin Technology Systems will be showcasing several examples from its portfolio of paediatric equipment to attending occupational therapists (OTs), parents, carers, and young people.

All of the assistive technology solutions are designed to enhance the independence of disabled children and young people; provide optimal support and positioning; and offer a hassle-free and time-saving solution to healthcare professionals, carers and parents.

Taking place on Tuesday 1st November 2022 from 9.30am- 4.30pm, Manchester Central, children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs, their parents, carers and the professionals who support them are welcome to attend the popular event.

Organised by the charity Disabled Living, the regional event is also a chance for healthcare professionals to gain CPD accreditation by attending educational seminars.

Marzena Komisarczuk, founder of Baffin Technology Systems, commented: “We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Kidz to Adultz North.

“Events such as this provide us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase and demonstrate examples from our expanding product portfolio and engage with existing and potential new clients along with their parents/carer/OT in a relaxed environment”.

The first product on show from the firm, neoSIT, is a great solution for young people needing an orthopaedic chair that fully supports the user’s spine and head. It features Baffin Technology’s “revolutionary” Second Spine Technology, which provides support along the full length of the spine to reduce pressure on individual vertebras.

As it is made up of individual sections, which imitate the human spine, the Second Spine can be shaped to perfectly fit the user’s anatomical shape to support any postural defects and gradually correct their posture, if their condition allows.

neoSIT also enables the user to partake in therapy sessions, educational activities and play with their friends or siblings. By using the neoSIT, users have also noticed an improvement in their lung ventilation, which in turn helps to prevent pneumonia, according to Baffin Technology Systems.

To ensure the user is as comfortable as possible, and depending on their condition, neoSIT can be used in a sitting or reclining position while still fully supporting the spine and incorporates a selection of standard features.  These features include a pelvic belt, adjustable armrests, vest, side and hip supports and knee pads.

neoSIT is designed for children who are unable to sit independently and is available in small, medium and large. This chair is suitable for children between 2ft 9” and 4ft 3” and is finished in a breathable hypoallergenic washable upholstery, which complies with Oko-Tex standards.

Complementing the neoSIT will be the Trio standing frame, which also features Baffin’s Second Spine technology system and balance seat. These features have been designed to create and support optimal positioning of the user’s spine and pelvis.

In addition, this technology helps to prevent or significantly slow down the development of certain conditions while the user remains comfortable.

Second Spine technology achieves this by anatomically mapping the patient’s spinal curvatures to allow passive correction of the spine in a seated position by supporting the entire length of the back to reduce pressure on the individual vertebrae. By doing this, the technology also helps to prevent further distortions.

The sit-to-stand devices from Baffin Technology are multifunctional, as the user can sit up, lie down, and stand up via a button on the remote control without the need to be transferred to another piece of equipment.

Placing a child in a standing position is time consuming and can often cause more stress and result in an incorrect spinal position, the firm highlights. Parents who are already using the Trio have commented on how great it is to finally be able to move their child from sitting to standing in a few minutes, Baffin Technology says, and this has been echoed by physiotherapists who are involved in their day-to-day care.

Also on show will be the Caretta Buggy, which is an adaptive stroller for children and young adults who require support when moving around or sitting. A five-point safety harness/vest and straps stabilise the pelvis to ensure the user can be transported in comfort while maintaining the correct postural position at all times.

In addition to being small enough when folded to fit in most standard car boots, the Caretta has also been crash tested. Further comfort is provided by the headrest system, which ensures the head is supported at all times. The height of the head rest, side supports and tilt function of the seat can all be easily adjusted.

Recently, Baffin Technology announced that its specialist car seat, designed to offer children as much support and adjustment as possible, became available.

For more information on the full range of products available or book a free presentation or assessment, email:, call 01788 892 056 or visit the website.

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