Honda ESMO concept image

Another automotive giant has revealed its concept for an electric mobility scooter at CES 2020, a large-scale exhibition showing some of the latest and greatest technology innovations.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda showcased its concept for a new mobility product called ESMO – Electric Smart Mobility, which boasts a modern and stylish design.

However, the automotive giant has not yet revealed any product specifications or given any information about production. The company does suggest that the mobility scooter would run on the Honda Mobile Power Pack concept: a portable, swappable, rechargeable battery that has an output of 1kWh or more.

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According to the company, when multiple Honda Mobile Power Packs are used together, “they can power electric motorcycles, small-sized electric mobility products, and even become a stable supply of electricity in people’s homes.”

Also highlighting its modern take on mobility solutions, Toyota revealed its range of mobility products at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

The battery electric vehicles (BEV) facilitate greater independence while simultaneously limit the impact on the environment, with products including a two-seater device for short-distance trips, a futuristic mobility scooter and a wheelchair power assist.

Toyota’s mobility solutions are “production-ready”, whereas more is to be revealed with Honda’s ESMO concept, but it highlights another example of a car manufacturer creating sustainable mobility devices.

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