“eTreatMD is helping people with arthritis take charge of their disease and live more fully”

A Canadian based healthcare app development company has been presented with Telus Health Outstanding Product Achievement Award for an innovative app aimed at those with hand arthritis.

eTreatMD, a mobility health app developer focused on providing solutions for managing chronic conditions, was nominated by The Arthritis Society for myHand, a new hand arthritis app that enables users to measure, monitor and manage arthritis. The company was presented with the award at the 31st Annual Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Leadership and Award Gala.

With most hand arthritis apps only allowing patients to record symptoms, eTreatMD’s myHand can measure physical changes and help patients see exactly how their pain is connected to factors like weather, activity and treatment. The app has been hailed for its ability to empower hand arthritis sufferers with meaningful information that they can use to better manage their condition, prevent painful flare-ups and determine the most effective ways to relieve their pain.

The Telus Health Outstanding Product Achievement Award was created to recognize mobility health innovation in Canada’s healthcare sector. The Award is presented to an organization for an outstanding development or solution which has resulted in the production of a world-class mobility health product or family of products. The product or solution has to have proven itself in operation whilst its design and market success will have enhanced Canada’s international reputation for health care innovation and excellence.

Shanil Gunaskeara, Founder and CEO of eTreatMD, said: “With so many health and wellness apps on the market, we were surprised by how few actually offer measurement and diagnostic capabilities to manage arthritis.

“To fill this significant gap, we’ve developed myHand to empower people with a more proactive approach to understanding and managing their arthritis.”


The app not only tracks treatments over time, but also evaluates the effectiveness of treatments as they correlate to changes in symptoms. It assesses environmental conditions like weather and location, data which it pulls automatically, allowing users to easily monitor their arthritis flare-ups in relation to these factors.

“By leveraging the technology that already exists in mobile devices, eTreatMD is helping people with arthritis take charge of their disease and live more fully,” said Janet Yale, president and CEO of The Arthritis Society. “We need more of this kind of innovative thinking applied to addressing the needs of people living with chronic disease.”

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