AAT’s S-Max stairclimber
AAT’s S-Max wheeled kinematic stairclimber

Healthcare professionals have a certified solution to assist people with their home mobility limitations and problems as AAT GB attains Class I medical device classification for its range of S-Max stairclimbers.

According to AAT’s knowledge, the stairclimber is the only inter-floor transfer and access equipment that carries such accreditation.

A stairclimber is a battery-powered, fully mobile piece of equipment that ascends and descends staircases either by seat or as a wheelchair carrier.

The certification means the equipment is validated as contributing towards “treatment or alleviation of disease or treatment, alleviation or compensation for an injury or handicap”, according to the Medical Devices Regulations description.

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Medical devices are given a classification depending on the level of risk associated with them, for example, the strictest control is for products with the highest risk.

Controlled by the client’s carer, the S-Max stairclimber’s battery-powered unit smoothly moves up and down stairs, safely transferring the person with reduced mobility from one level to another and onward, executing 300 steps from one battery charge.

The rate of movement is completely controlled by the caregiver, who receives full training from AAT as part of the assessment and provision process. When not in use, the S-Max can be folded away, optimising living space for all members of the household.

AAT GB claims that the AAT S-Max has an “impeccable” safety record and eliminates the “significant risk” in the client being able to go up and downstairs.

When the original recipient no longer needs the stairclimber, it can be returned to equipment stores, and reissued to another person.

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director, said: “When access in, out and around the home because of steps or stairs is a limiting factor in a person’s ability to be discharged, our stairclimber could be a key element in the care and support plan.

“The one piece of equipment can serve multiple layers of the Better Care structure- from accelerating hospital discharge, providing a temporary solution to safeguard against risk whilst a more substantial adaptation is undertaken, empowering someone to remain at home if they live in a flat, or being a long-term solution when alternative inter-floor access measures are not appropriate/practical.”

AAT specialises in providing personalised disability access and social inclusion solutions, such as add-on power units for wheelchairs and powered stairclimbers, having launched the Roby stairclimber last year to optimise the prescriptive options available to OT’s, users and the general public.

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