Blatchford Orion3 microprocessor knee image

Prosthetics manufacturer Blatchford has upgraded its flagship Orion3 microprocessor knee to offer IP55-level protection against the entry of fresh water.

Orion3 is now internationally certified as water resistant, enabling amputees to walk freely outdoors without feeling limited by the elements. This will help give peace of mind to wearers, where prosthetic damage as a result of water ingress is often a common concern, according to Blatchford.

The manufacturer says that after being stringently tested and exposed to jets of water from multiple directions, Orion3 was revealed to provide IP55-level protection against the entry of fresh water. Drainage holes ensure water drains from the device, providing weatherproof protection wearers can rely on when spending time outdoors.

Emma Scowen, Product Manager at Blatchford, said: “Orion3 is our leading microprocessor knee and allows the wearer to live life as they would prior to having an amputation. The safety aspect is the most important part in having confidence when using a device like this, and Orion3 enables amputees to walk on any terrain with a reduced risk in falls.

“The IP55 rating really enhances a patient’s ability to live life normally. Whether getting caught in a rain shower or storm, going on a boat, or simply having a hosepipe fight with your kids, amputees would always have to question whether they could do these things. On Orion3, they can do it all with peace of mind and confidence, that the knee can get completely soaked and the water will safely drain out of the device.”

Blatchford Orion3 microprocessor knee imageBlatchford’s patented Performance Response Technology (PRT) combines hydraulics, pneumatics, and sensors to deliver “pioneering” levels of biomimicry. Wearers can replicate natural limb movement with ease for an enhanced walking experience.

Orion3’s Enhanced Stability Performance (ESP) features five levels of stance resistance: Controlled Stance Support, Standing Support, Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent, Stumble Recovery, and Supported Sitting. These features optimise safety, reducing the risk of falls and enabling the wearer to move fluidly in a variety of scenarios, Blatchford underlines.

Whether descending stairs, navigating uneven terrain in a crowd, or taking on extreme activities like kayaking and mountain biking, the water-resistant Orion3 responds to the user’s movement in real time for optimal stability in all situations.

Ben, a wearer of Orion3, is enjoying the spontaneity and adventure the device can provide. “I can’t really imagine living without the Orion3,” commented Ben. “Nothing has come close to giving me the freedom to live life and do things how I want to do them. It means I can just get outside and not have to worry about what I’m doing anymore.

“It enables you to be a lot more spontaneous, and I don’t have to worry about puddles or a bit of rain. It’s so much easier.”

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