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SmartLife is the latest addition to the SmartTEC range offered by Appello, a technology-enabled care (TEC) specialist, which promises to help service providers move to digital connectivity with ease.

Appello says its latest solution offers “ground-breaking” interoperability by enabling service providers to continue using most existing telecare peripherals, while making the required move to digital connectivity.

SmartLife works with most radio peripheral devices manufactured by Appello, Cair and Tunstall Healthcare. This provides SmartLife service providers with greater choice and flexibility when identifying appropriate telecare peripherals for their clients.

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It also ensures existing technologies, which users may already be familiar with, can continue to be utilised.

Furthermore, SmartLife provides customers with “excellent” connectivity options, utilising industry-approved digital standard protocols SCAIP and NOW-IP, as well as 4G connectivity via a nano SIM. Where digital monitoring is not yet a capability, analogue PSTN connectivity is achievable via BS8521-1 protocol.

Commenting on the launch Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello, said: “Interoperability has so many cost, environmental and familiarity benefits, so we fully recognise the significance it plays in improving the delivery of services in housing and social care. Greater choice also leads to more personalised services.

“In a few months, through SmartConnect and SmartLife, we have launched two ground-breaking products that we believe will play an important role in a new era of Technology Enabled Care.”

Appello also has a guide available for local authorities and housing providers about the role of cloud solutions in TEC. The document sets out how, by hosting applications such as the monitoring centre in the cloud and managing the data drawn from field technology in the cloud, the capabilities and possibilities for TEC expand exponentially.

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