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“From my experience as an independent OT, I have come to understand that while specialist manufacturers aim to meet the needs of their end users, there is often a missing link.”

Following the results of a recent survey, which found 79% of Occupational Therapists (OTs) would like to see greater collaboration between the profession and specialist manufacturers, Repose Specialist Seating Solutions has appointed a renowned independent Occupational Therapist.

Kate Sheehan, one of the UK’s leading housing OT experts has joined Repose as its in-house specialist healthcare advisor. Kate’s appointment with Repose will see her head up a number of targeted healthcare campaigns to raise awareness of the Repose brand amongst healthcare professionals.

The findings of the survey came from independent research carried out by Repose at last year’s OT Show. As a manufacturer, Repose has long aided collaboration; having previously produced a number of healthcare resources on posture and pressure management, and delivered seminars on the importance of specialist seating.

The appointment of Kate, who is also Managing Director of The OT Service, a specialist consultancy service, will see the company continue to make specialist furniture that has been assessed and approved by Occupational Therapists.

Repose designs and manufactures a range of specialist healthcare seating solutions, and recently launched its own range of Posture Positive chairs.  Kate is already working alongside the company to develop this range further and deliver a number of CPD opportunities for healthcare professionals and OTs with an interest in specialist seating, posture and pressure management.

Commenting on her appointment, Kate Sheehan said she hopes to facilitate knowledge transfer between OTs and the specialist seating manufacturer. She said: “From my experience as an independent OT, I have come to understand that while specialist manufacturers aim to meet the needs of their end users, there is often a missing link.

“Occupational therapists are key to overcoming this. OTs are perfectly positioned to communicate the needs of the individual, as well as the wider implications as to how the chair will impact the user. A key driving force throughout my appointment with Repose will be enhancing expert knowledge between healthcare professional and suppliers, and it’s great for the industry as a whole that Repose is leading the charge in this collaboration.”

As a UK manufacturer, Repose combines innovation and flexibility into all of its designs. It was this approach to working which particularly stood out for Kate. She continued: “When visiting Repose, what really struck me was their approach to manufacturing seating solutions for individuals. As a company they offer completely bespoke solutions to the end user, moving away from the traditional systematic approach. They understand that while they are manufacturing a chair, for the end user it is often so much more than somewhere to sit; it’s a place to relax, receive some respite or even a place to carry out hobbies, something that is also considered when OTs assess patients.”

Managing Director of Repose, Lisa Wardley, said: “After the results of our survey, it became clear that OTs were calling out for greater collaboration. Appointing our own OT became the obvious next step in furthering our own collaborative ethos. Working with such a well-known and respected OT as Kate is more than just an appointment, it’s a change to our culture too. We already have a long-standing history of providing seating solutions which places the needs of the user at heart, and working with Kate will only strengthen this. We understand the needs of our end user is of paramount importance, and by working alongside Kate we hope to position ourselves even closer to our customers.”

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