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At the recent OT Show, Channel Healthcare, a firm that comprises a team of independent seating consultants, exhibited the new ZEN Care Chair, which received positive feedback from occupational therapists (OTs).

Manufactured by Fitform, the ZEN Care Chair is a new product launch and is available exclusively in the UK via Channel Healthcare.

The ZEN Care Chair has an electrically powered slow motion rocking movement, which was developed as a medical device to reduce restlessness, based on applied research and pilot projects in nursing home institutions, according to Fitform.

The chair supports caregivers by taking care of clients’ restlessness and anxiety with the calming rocking motion, meaning they can focus on other care duties. Additionally, the chair’s rocking motion supports better pressure distribution and reduces oedema in the legs.

“We identified a gap in the market for a brand-new product that has the potential to help a large number of clients with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions,” Rebecca McCluskey, Director at Channel Healthcare told AT Today. “We feel that the seating market has been static for some time, so it’s exciting and a privilege for us to be able to bring something new that will make a difference.”

The ZEN Care Chair was praised by attendees at the OT Show 2023, with OTs noting that the chair would benefit a number of their clients.

“People haven’t seen anything like it before,” added Rebecca.

“All those that had a demo found comfort, relaxation and calmness. Those in the specialised area this is designed for could straight away recall clients who would benefit immediately from the chair. Even for those without neuro conditions enjoyed the relaxing effect, even in a busy environment like an exhibition.”

Rebecca also explained to AT Today that the OT Show was also a great chance for professionals to see Channel Healthcare’s products in person and experience the benefits and features of the equipment that it offers.

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