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Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, a manufacturer of accessible baths for disabled adults and children, will be continuing with its COVID ‘Protection Promise’ and outdoor demonstrations to reassure all clients and healthcare professionals.

Since the start of the pandemic, Abacus, part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, has provided ‘Protection Promise’ protocols to minimise coronavirus risks to vulnerable bathers, families and occupational therapists (OTs). This approach has included a range of robust measures to ensure utmost safety when assessing and installing specialist bathing solutions.

Part of this commitment has been the continued provision of the Abacus demonstration vehicles which provide a safe, outdoor educational environment with natural ventilation.

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Each vehicle within the fleet has been specially adapted to house a range of power assisted Abacus baths, so the suitability of equipment can be assessed and group CPD bathing workshops can be safely managed. According to the manufacturer, these demonstrations are a big hit among OTs.

During sessions, the ramped wheelchair accessible side door and large rear doors remain open, so clean airflow is assured without recycling. These Abacus assets continue to provide unique benefits and peace of mind to bathers and professionals, especially in regions where COVID-19 is prevalent.

Peter Eckhardt, CEO, Gainsborough Healthcare Group, commented: “Abacus continues to be 100% client-centric with a commitment to ensuring maximum Covid protection through a robust duty of care.

“In particular our demonstration vehicles deliver a unique space for practical and theoretical training in the fresh air, whilst taking place in a simulated indoor environment. All our team continue to implement social distancing, use of PPE and stringent infection control cleaning, so sessions can be completed without the worry of Covid.

“When you consider the vital support our baths provide, in terms of preserving independence, safety and well-being in the home, then it is essential that our assessment and supply is as efficient as possible. Despite challenging conditions, Abacus remains number one for positive outcomes for all.”

In addition to physical demonstrations, Abacus also continues to provide contactless live video assessments and remote CPD training.

Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions works closely with families and OTs to ensure the needs of vulnerable bathers, of all ages, are met appropriately and effectively.

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