Closomat bariatric Palma Vita imageResponding to the obesity crisis in England, accessible toilet specialist Closomat has produced a free guidance document to assist in the choice and specification of appropriate toilet facilities for bariatric patients.

According to recent statistics from the House of Commons, the number of obese people in England has almost doubled in just under twenty-five years and, currently, more than a quarter of adults in England are obese.

This obesity epidemic has hidden hygiene implications, warns Closomat, particularly when going to the toilet.

“The WC in the average home is designed for ‘the average person’”, says Closomat Marketing Manager Robin Tuffley. “There is huge emphasis on the health issues associated with being obese; the hygiene issues are too often overlooked.

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“But size impacts massively on a person’s daily life, their ability to perform everyday activities appropriately. It is a topic people need to be more aware of, because poor hygiene can lead to poor health.

“If someone is obese, it affects their positioning over the pan, making it harder for them to pee and pooh accurately and without strain. Off-the-shelf- seats do not support the greater body mass correctly. Body mass affects the ability to reach and wipe effectively. There is increased risk of residue being left in contact with the skin, with all its associated health, wellbeing and odour implications.”

To help assist in the choice and specification of appropriate toilet facilities for obese users, Closomat has produced a helpful white paper. ‘Guidance & Considerations for Toileting Provision for Bariatrics’ can be downloaded for free under the resources section of the company’s website

The white paper covers helpful toilet equipment that can help bariatric people, such as toilet lifters, hoists and shower chairs. It also covers wash & dry toilets for larger individuals and how they can assist in the cleaning process.

In addition, to help improve toilet hygiene, Closomat can fit its Palma Vita wash & dry toilet with a bespoke bariatric seat. Coupled with the Palma Vita’s innovative hygiene programme, the combination ensures optimum hygiene for bariatric users.

The Palma Vita has integrated douching and drying, eliminating the need to manually wipe clean. The bariatric seat appropriately supports the user and positions them properly over the pan to facilitate bladder and bowel movement. This combination can accommodate up to 362kg.

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