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The Department for Infrastructure has announced a change in the renewal application process for Blue Badge holders with life-long mobility issues.

The Blue Badge is a lifeline ‎enabling many people with life-long mobility issues to integrate in the community and go about daily routines.

It is an important service for people with mobility problems that enables badge holders to park close to their destination.

Following a review, the Department has produced a shortened, more accessible application process for applicants with life-long mobility issues if their qualifying Benefits Award or proven lifelong disability remained unchanged.

Launching the introduction of the simplified process, Department for Infrastructure Permanent Secretary Dr Denis McMahon said: “The Blue Badge scheme gives many people independence to get out and about and enjoy life.

“Making the process easier and quicker to use for people with life-long mobility issues, is a very welcome development.

“The Department is committed to achieving more efficient and accessible public services.”

It applies to both online and paper applications and will be a much less onerous task for applicants.

This new process reduces the need in most cases for the renewal application to be completely reassessed and will also reduce current processing times down from six to eight weeks to four to five weeks or less.

Over 50,000 applications are issued annually, according to the Department.

Approximately 65 percent of all Blue Badge applications each year will no longer need to be completely reassessed.

Venues were recently awarded for outstanding commitments to accessibility and inclusive designs at the Blue Badge Access Awards 2023.

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