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OrCam Technologies has introduced a new AI assistant to its OrCam Read 3, an assistive reading device that functions as a handheld reading companion, smart magnifier, and stationary reader.

OrCam Read 3 aims to “revolutionise” the way people with vision loss interact with visual content, including pictures and text, according to the firm. People can use the assistive technology to instantly read printed or digital text from any surface, at home, or on the go.

The new AI assistant is tailored to support people with vision loss or reading fatigue and throughout vision changes.

The AI assistant includes the “Just Ask” feature on the OrCam Read 3, which enables the user to interact with the device and ask it follow-up questions related to the text being read and beyond.

It can summarise any captured text, which is particularly useful when users need a quick understanding of longer articles or documents without reading every word, imitating the natural way people interact with text. It can also read the full text aloud, which is beneficial for users who need complete information from legal documents, comprehensive reports, or reading books for pleasure.

The “Just Ask” feature is able to provide contextual information. Users can make queries related to the text, extending beyond the captured words. For instance, if a user is reading about a historical figure, they might request a biography.

OrCam Read 3 responds by leveraging internet resources to furnish the user with the requested information, thus serving not just as a reader, but as an interactive tool that delivers an enriched knowledge experience.

OrCam Technologies says this latest advancement means that the OrCam Read 3 is more than a magnifier or document reader, as it is a powerful reference tool that can enhance the user’s understanding and connection with the content they are engaging with.

For those with visual impairments, it means they can independently access a wider range of information and enjoy a deeper reading experience.

In addition to its advanced AI capabilities, the OrCam Read 3 also includes standard magnifier features, allowing users to zoom in on text and other visual elements to enhance readability and accessibility.

Prof. Amnon Shashua, OrCam Co-Founder, commented: “Advancements in AI are not merely a matter of technological evolution; they represent a significant shift in how we interact with our world. With the right application, AI can extend human capabilities, open new prospects for innovation, and create a landscape where technology and humanity progress in harmony.”

OrCam Read 3 became available in the UK last year with the goal of being an all-in-one solution for people with vision loss or reading fatigue.

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