A new insight-driven service that delivers proactive wellbeing monitoring to vulnerable citizens and property will integrate with a smart water management platform to help provide a comprehensive picture of resident activity, contributing to their wellbeing index.

Proactive wellbeing monitoring is a move towards utilising data insights from technologies to enable improvements in the delivery of community care and empower early intervention to avoid both health- and property-related emergencies, says Apello.

Appello is a telecare provider that uses home monitoring technologies. It partners with housing, health, and care providers, supporting more than 300,000 elderly and vulnerable residents across the UK by providing emergency call, digital safety and wellbeing innovations.

Hero Labs is a remote monitoring device manufacturer in London. Its Sonic smart valve device enables non-intrusive monitoring of resident water usage and provides early warning if they do not make a cup of tea or use the facilities as expected throughout of the day. It also provides protection in the case of a leak or elevated risk of Legionnaires disease.

Using HD ultrasonic technology to detect low flows of water and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network and ambient and pipe temperature sensors to alert a potential frozen or freezing pipe, the Sonic also helps to prevent bursts from occurring in the first place.

With an integrated pressure sensor, Sonic performs a scheduled pressure check on the plumbing system, alerting the user to leaks. The user-configurable integrated smart shut-off valve can isolate the incoming water supply in seconds, containing a problem before it can get any worse.

Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello, commented: “We are delighted that another innovative organisation, a leading expert in its field, has partnered with Appello in our Proactive Wellbeing Monitoring (PWM) solutions.

“Hero Labs provides an important set of data insights that complement those from other innovations as part of the PWM package. This delivers an even richer insight into the wellbeing of property and citizens that can create significant benefits to housing and care providers.”

Hero Labs’ mobile app allows carers and users to check up on the home using the Sonic device from anywhere in the world, get real-time alerts for leaks and unusual water patterns and nominate friends and family to receive notifications. It further includes customisable behaviours, geofencing, multiple properties, and other features.

AI-powered insights are included to help to save water, it allows the user to see which appliances are used the most, with estimated weekly or monthly consumption and track usage over time.

Adam Williams, CEO at Hero Labs, concluded: “The best health and wellbeing outcomes for end customers, and the best value outcome for housing and care providers, come when problems are anticipated and prevented.

“Together we are excited to begin implementing these solutions with various clients across the UK over the coming months.”

Remote monitoring technologies are being used by a joined-up NHS@Home initiative in Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire, which is seeing patients receive care in the comfort of their own homes thanks to the helpful technologies.

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