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The British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) has launched a three-part docuseries that explores the “pivotal” role of assistive technology in education.

Entitled ‘The Power of AT’, the docuseries was born from the concern of the countless disabled children left underserved in the UK’s educational system, according to BATA. The series is available for free here.

The series strives to amplify the voices of disabled students and pupils from every corner of the UK, shining a spotlight on the vital need for assistive technology (AT) in their educational journey. For individuals of all ages with disabilities, AT stands as a “life-altering” force, often distinguishing between success and life-long struggle, BATA says.

Importantly, the docuseries aims to reach 22,000 schools nationwide with a goal of resonating with school leaders, policymakers, educators, and parents.

Katherine Perry, BATA CEO, commented: “Disabled children have an unequivocal right to education. ‘The Power of AT’ lays bare AT’s transformative power and educational hurdles. We hope it prompts policymakers and educators to champion these critical issues.”

In addition, ‘The Power of AT’ unearths a “stark reality”; despite one in six UK children having special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), only 1.3 percent of eligible pupils across all sectors receive the necessary AT. Countless others, just shy of support criteria, remain excluded from reaching their potential, BATA highlights.

The docuseries conveys an important message: when AT becomes an inclusive classroom staple, it does not just work for disabled pupils; it fosters an ethos of educational inclusion and overarching excellence that benefits all students.

Lily, a young participant in the documentary, shared her journey: “Without AT, I would be much further behind. I used to think, ‘You’re not smart, you’re not as clever as the other people.’ I didn’t think I was a smart person. Now I know I can do it.”

‘The Power of AT’ marks BATA’s first documentary film and is supported by partners like AT Superstore, Aventido, FindMyFlow, and more.

In a parallel initiative set to launch in January 2024, BATA will introduce #TeachersForAT. This collaborative endeavour hopes to unite educators and education professionals who aspire to do more for disabled children in the classroom in getting access to life-changing AT.

Now, BATA is urging schools, governing bodies, parents, and organisations to stand with the association’s members, nominate an internal AT champion, and foster an inclusive culture.

For more on #TeachersForAT and BATA’s initiatives, click here.

A report from earlier this year recommended that every child in every school should be introduced to assistive technology.

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