Baffin Technology Systems reported a successful day at the recent the Kidz to Adultz event in Manchester, having successfully debuted its two latest paediatric products to families, occupational therapists (OTs), and physiotherapists.

The company showcased the recently launched the LORI stander and the SIMON car seat.

Marzena Komisarczuk, the founder of Baffin Technology Systems, commented: “The Kidz to Adultz events are great for us as they enable us to demonstrate our products to families and healthcare professionals in a friendly and relaxed environment.

“We also find that some families will attend with their child’s OT or physiotherapist, which is great as we can answer all their questions and discuss assessments and the child can try out different products and get a feel for what might best meet their requirements.

“The feedback our latest products, the LORI stander and SIMON car seat received from visitors to the show was fantastic and exceeded all our expectations.”

The LORI stander enables the child to be placed in a standing position, whether they are in a prone or supine position. It also allows them to remain in a vertical position when standing or lying.

Using the LORI, it is possible to abduct the lower limbs in the standing position with angle measurement for both legs. This allows for adjustment of the legs within the frontal plane to ensure the femoral head and socket of the hips are in the correct position, eliminating the risk of hip dysplasia. To further ensure the pelvis is in the correct position, the back support is mounted on a ball hinge for precise adjustment.

The LORI stander is available in three sizes, Baby, Junior, and Teen; the Baby and Junior models are manual standers, while the larger Teen model is electric.

The SIMON car seat ensures that children between the heights of 100cm and 150cm can travel comfortably by car with a comprehensive range of safety features.

Standard equipment on the SIMON includes ISOFIX fixings to ensure it can be easily secured in the car. At the same time, an abduction block and lateral supports allow the child to maintain a good postural position, with additional comfort and support is provided by the headrest and fully adjustable footrest.

The SIMON helps to eliminate struggling with positions and angles when putting a child into a car seat as the chair swivels 90 degrees so the child can be easily placed in the seat and have their safety belts fastened. Baffin states that this is not only more relaxing for the child but also reduces the risk of back injury to the parent or carer.

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