Building on the foundations of the original Inspiration cot, bed manufacturing specialists at Drive Devilbiss Healthcare have developed a new paediatric model, the Inspiration 2 cot.

Providing a solution for acute paediatric care, Drive Devilbiss Healthcare says the Inspiration 2 cot combines safety, strength, and integral functionality with a contemporary and playful design that will appeal to young occupants.

An updated design of the integrated telescopic, drop-down side rails now features six adjustable height positions with a range of 8cm-71.5cm above the mattress platform while the child-proof mechanism ensures the rails cannot be accidentally lowered or operated by the infant.

The cot head and foot ends incorporate a transparent panel to easily see and monitor little ones. It can be completely removed, granting access to the patient from all angles when the side rails are lowered.

Sam Thompson, Head of UK Research and Development at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, commented: “The Design Team are thrilled to see their efforts over the last 18 months finally come to fruition with the launch of the Inspiration 2 cot. Our UK based Design and Manufacturing Teams have worked tirelessly to design and manufacture a cot for some of the smallest patients in hospital that not only complies with the paediatric bed safety standards but is fun and attractive too.

“Building on the foundations of the original Inspiration cot, the Inspiration 2 is electrically adjustable and very easy to use, featuring a lock box that is intended to prevent children accessing the handset, in addition to built-in handset safety features. 360° patient access is provided via easy-to-use side rails and quick-to-remove head and foot ends, which feature transparent panels to provide full patient visibility in normal use.

“The initial customer feedback has been positive which is great to hear and is a real boost for the Design and Manufacturing Teams in particular!”

The design uses a soft colour palette, which was created to promote a reassuring and relaxing environment for children, enabling them and their caregivers to feel calmer whilst undergoing medical treatment.

Featuring electrically operated height adjustment, and head and foot down platform tilt, the Inspiration 2 cots are available with or without CPR function, to level the mattress platform quickly in an emergency.

A range of optional accessories are available, including the Lullaby VE foam mattress, Apollo Infant dynamic mattress system, IV pole, oxygen cylinder holder and paediatric traction system.

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